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Mail Order Brides

The ultimate purpose of dating is building a strong family. The modern culture that shifted its focus towards quick hookups and short-lived online romances changed the way we think about dating in general. However, the ultimate goal of creating a prosperous union between two individuals is still there. We all long for care and understanding from our partner. We want to find someone to love and to be loved by.

One of the ways that allowed us to counter the nature of online dating that often feels lacking responsibility and longevity that we expect from a relationship is mail order bride culture. It was always a good idea to find a woman with traditional views and hopes for your life. With the western world changing so rapidly towards new era ideas and so-called “progressiveness”, many conservative men find themselves in a situation where finding a woman that wants to create a family is quite hard.

Of course, there are many beautiful women in the US and Western Europe who still want to build relationships leading to marriage. However, more and more women choose to pursue a career or live independently. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that desire it made many single men search for mail order bride options elsewhere. Women in Eastern Europe, Asia or South America are way more interested in creating a family and focusing on home keeping.

Other reasons to get deeper into the mail order bride industry exist. Some men and women want to meet individuals carrying a different cultural background. Some men live in areas where meeting a local woman who wants to build a family is tricky. There are many reasons why men choose mail order brides from abroad.

Pick the right mail order brides website

If one wants to find a bride, visiting a specialized website is generally a good idea. The industry is flourishing despite scammers and fraudulent businesses. The first thing you need to know is that there are respectable online dating platforms out there and specialized marriage agencies that operate internationally and serve millions of people from all over the globe connecting them to each other and handling all legal aspects of mail order wife arrangements.

Selecting a reliable website is quite hard since there are so many options out there. You can find literally thousands of websites offering you mail order brides and options to meet gorgeous women and handsome men from other countries. How should you choose the right business to work with?

  • Read online reviews. First and foremost, read about websites that caught your attention. Find specialized forums and go to review aggregators to learn more about the services provided by websites that you are interested in. Reading what other people think and analyzing their experiences is the best way to avoid mistakes.

  • Take a closer look at the design. Building a good website that offers its guests a great user experience and captivates them with stunning visuals is hard. It is also very expensive. If a website is willing to invest in its infrastructure and web design, it usually has a great product. It works for the free market economy as a whole and online dating industry in particular.

  • Test their customer support. While many mail order bride sites claim that their customer support is the best in the market, you must see its quality for yourself. Ask questions in the live chat and write a couple of letters to their e-mail address in order to learn more about mail order wives.

  • Beware of paywalls. Many businesses demand users to get memberships right away without providing them with a sample of the product. In our case, some shady websites won’t even let you check out their user base and basic features before getting payment from you. Do not pay until you are satisfied with the product. A legit mail order bride site will always give you a taste of what you can expect after paying for their service.

How do mail order brides services work?

Some people believe that searching for a spouse on one of the mail-order bride websites is akin to buying a wife. It is absolutely not the case. You are paying for an opportunity to meet women from other countries, women who want to build a family abroad, want to explore new cultures or improve their financial situations.

Usually, you are paying to either access a huge catalog of registered women who want to go on a date with a foreigner or to get assistance from a marriage agency that will try to pair you up with a suitable woman from a country that you choose. In both cases, you are not a participant in a human-trafficking scheme. You meet a woman and start building a relationship. First, online without any commitments. Then, offline with a chance to turn your internet affair into a blossoming union.

Mail-order bride cost is quite high and does require you to have some disposable income that you can invest in online dating. You will want to express your interest by buying gifts and paying for the services of the marriage agency or a mail order bride website. Sometimes, memberships cost a lot. A foreign girlfriend is also a significant financial investment due to the necessity to either fly to visit her or fly her to your country. It can be very expensive.

The final result is usually worth it for the vast majority of men who are interested in mail order bride services. There are millions of girls for marriage that want to live in their native countries and start exploring new lives elsewhere.

Top 5 Mail Order Brides Facts You Have to Know

There are several interesting facts about mail order brides that may affect how you perceive the idea of meeting a woman from abroad if you need a wife.

  1. About 4,5 thousand women arrive in the US via mail-order bride services. About 56% of marriages last for longer than 5 years which is longer than an average marriage in the US. The number of women arriving via mail-order bride may increase in the next decade as online dating becomes more and more prevalent.

  2. Asking “how much is a mail order bride?” is akin to asking “how much will I spend on a vacation?” The question depends on what you are looking for and whether you are ready to spend more on a premium level of service. Some mail-order bride services are quite expensive yet arrange special meetings with women, sell you tours to countries where you may meet someone you will love or even handle all legal nuances that may confuse you.

  3. The vast majority of mail order brides come from Eastern Europe. The next region in terms of popularity in South East Asia and the Pacific. Over 2 thousand women arrive from Ukraine and Russia to the US via the mail order bride service. Slavic women are famous for their traditional views and housekeeping skills making them very desirable for any western man. The US and UK are the two most popular destinations for mail order brides from all across the globe.

  4. There are literally thousands of mail order bride websites out there. The industry grew by over 500% over the course of the last decade thanks to advancements in the global internet infrastructure. It is easier to connect with people from across the ocean without leaving the comfort of your home. It is also a great opportunity for busy men to explore their romantic prospects without hurting their bottom lines. Some marriage agencies that operate globally also have websites that may look like online dating platforms.

  5. The chance of meeting a suitable woman is 100%. We are not exaggerating. With several million registered users across all platforms, you will certainly find a woman that perfectly suits your preferences for a spouse. However, it is up to you to make that woman notice you. Brides for sale is a pitch that aged poorly. Modern mail order bride services focusing on creating a good environment where a man and a woman can try building trust and love overseas.

What we do and how we can help you

Our main goal is to study the industry of mail order bride services and select premium options to analyze and review. We spend a lot of time and resources on checking out websites that may catch your attention. We register there, talk to women and staffers, we pay for services and we conduct honest reviewing in order to give you enough information about each particular service.

If you need any assistance or additional information about the industry or businesses that make it work, you can always send us an e-mail. Read about each website to make informed decisions. If you doubt whether you should be paying for mail order bride services, you need to learn more about them and check out what privileges you receive after registering and paying for memberships or specialized services. We will give you this information.

Additionally, you may need some data about user engagement on those websites. While we cannot give you more info on that aside of what businesses provide in their marketing statements, we also judge by our personal experience since we usually register on those websites and can “feel” how many users are active and how much engagement a user can experience while using the website.

What is the Price of Wife Ordering?

As mentioned previously, an internet bride is an expensive thing. You cannot really expect to meet a gorgeous woman from abroad without paying a dime. While the price went down a lot since the age of actual mail order brides, the cost of communicating with women living overseas is still quite high. Building a relationship with a woman that lives thousands of miles away from you with a chance to potentially marry her in the future is something that requires commitment.

The financial aspect of that commitment is substantial. You will need to pay for memberships on online dating websites, pay for legal advice, pay for gifts and other gestures to get women to notice you and also pay for travel. There is a chance that you may meet a woman that will be able to pay for some things on her own. However, the vast majority of mail order brides register as such due to financial reasons.

Another important factor to note is that a bride from abroad will arrive without any prior knowledge about the intricacies of your culture which is a problem. A woman may not be able to work and immediately adapt to the culture. You may have to pay for her livelihood for a long time or even forever. Think about it when deciding whether you want to find a woman from abroad.

Otherwise, looking for a bride online is not much more expensive than regular online dating. Memberships and gifts usually comprise the biggest part of expenses on online dating meaning that you will spend a lot of money on communicating with a woman regardless of whether you are interested in a quick hookup or a long-lasting relationship that may transform into a strong marriage.

What makes girls become mail order brides?

The vast majority of women who become mail order brides are women from countries with relatively weak or developing economies. Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and other countries are developed enough to provide a lot of their citizens with middle-class living. However, there are still many women who are looking for a husband from abroad. While there are some women who just want to travel and move to another country, the vast majority are looking to improve their financial situations.

A typical marriage agency will offer them a deal in which they receive a chance to meet a wealthy man from abroad. Respectable marriage agencies usually have exclusive deals with some women and will also demand some fees for their services that are paid by men. There are many other reasons why women become mail order brides, but money is usually the most important one.


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