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Korean Brides

Korean brides  are irresistible beauties and reliable life companions

Women who live on Korean Peninsula can cause a lot of emotions - from a simple surprise to some kind of emotional shock. Graceful and gentle, sincere and good-natured, these sweet and smiling creatures are as beautiful as exotic flowers. No matter who these brides may be - waitresses or guides, traffic wardens or musicians - they are admirable.   

The exquisite beauty of hot Koreans 

There is an opinion that upon the division of Korea into two states, the most beautiful brides remained in North Korea, and the most handsome men stayed in South Korea. Of course, this is a myth, for the beauty knows no bounds. No matter where you are - in North or South Korea - you can meet mail order bride for dating there who will win your heart with their special charm and ardent temperament that harmonize with the external restraint.

The natural allure of brides from Korea 

The most Korean ladies look fantastically attractive: 

  • large starlike eyes that can attract everyone with their powerful magnetism;  

  • a small mouth, tender and fresh like lavender flowers;

  • a neat nose; you can admire it either en face or in profile;

  • a V-shaped chin - a perfect ending of the irreprochable face oval; 

  • white skin as a sign of the genetically sound health;

  • the well-built slender figure as a consequence of the active lifestyle;  

  • the graceful posture as a reflection of the harmonious soul.

You should admit that a bride with such appearance doesn’t need any achievements of the plastic surgery. She can attract the attention and fascinate men with her natural beauty, simplicity and sincerity.  

Preferences in clothes: modest, but with taste 

All brides from Korea, regardless of age, are dressed neatly and femininely. Any styles look just amazing on their strong athletic figures, no matter what they wear - a knee-length skirt, a slim fit jacket, an evening dress or cigarette cut skinny pants. This is the case when it’s not clothes that grace a woman, but vice versa. 

If a lady in Korea is rich enough, she won’t deny herself different accessories especially when she’s going dating. Such a bride would prefer low key jewelry: restraint Korean women don’t like show-offs and pretentiousness.

Such details of the toilet as the skillful make-up, lack of deep cleavage and quite soft, pleasant perfume odors are notable as well. You can often meet Korean women in a military uniform on the streets of Pyongyang. The military style in this country is perceived as something ordinary. 

The female representatives of the elite of Korea, daughters of the high-ranking officials and businessmen are dressed after the latest European fashion. They prefer to wear clothes from expensive brands in rich and bright colors. 

In general, the local brides look quite modest. The exceptions are the holidays when you can see a lot of bright clothes of traditional cut, a kind of Korean vintage classics.

The enviable physical health 

Largely thanks to the national diet that includes fish, rice, vegetables and seasonings, brides of Korea look wonderful and live long. They think that getting sick is more terrible than death. That’s why they adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Every bride of Korea knows which products can stimulate the brain, protect from cancer, preserve youth and strengthen the respiratory system. That’s why, in winter, dried mushrooms may be served by these women, and in summer they usually prefer persimmon leaves, and in the off-season time these ladies often serve a fish eye extract.

The passion for alternative medicine allows these brides to avoid a huge number of pharmaceutical drugs.

The mental peculiarities of brides from Korea 

Despite the desire to remain undistinguished, most Korean brides whom you can find on dating sites are mentally quite strong personalities. They are tidy, hard-working women who can justify confidence imposed on them - no matter how hard a task may be. 

Their ideal is hidden wisdom and incisive mind. “A wise hawk hides its claws” - this is the principle used by brides of Korea in the field of work, sports and even entertainment. Doing her household chores, this bride shows an amazing cleverness and economy skills. They know since their childhood - if you spill water, you won’t collect it again.  

The women of Korea are taught from early infant age that they should understand other people without words (this could easily be verified on a dating with one of them). It means that it’s not necessary for them to have or express their own opinion. A Korean bride knows it for sure - before you say something to a significant other, you’d better think a hundred times. One stray word can destroy friendship forever. 

In fact, it’s far worse for such a bride to be known as a self-confident and self-willed woman that to have a reputation of an insensitive or shallow person. The list of virtues of a bride from Korea includes the ability to be compliant, tender, soft-hearted and polite, but, first of all, patient. Mothers often tell their daughters: “If you don’t like the food, give it to the dog; if you don’t like your husband, put up with it”.   

A North Korean bride is a dream of every man 

Traditionally, a woman in North Korea was supposed to have a “master”. If a girl is young and doesn’t go dating yet, this role can be played by her father or elder brothers; if she’s married, this place is taken by her husband. Her main task is to take care of children.

Upon the Second World War, North Korea issued a law on women’s equality that changed a lot in their lives:

  • it abolished polygamy, prostitution and forced marriages;  

  • it allowed women to initiate the divorce; 

  • it set the minimum age for marriage (17 years old) and getting started working in industries (14 years old) 

  • it introduced an eight-hour working day and two-week annual leave;

  • it secured the easier working conditions for pregnant women and granted maternity leave. 

At the same time, most women in Korea de facto remained submissive housewives. The image of the modern bride who’s strong and independent was formed due to the crisis of the 1990s. It was then that women of Korea began to dip their toes into quite unusual areas to confront the famine. While their fathers and husbands worked for good of the party and country, the women did their best to support their families and children. 

They often decided on desperate measures like smuggling, illegal part-time work or resale of goods. As a result, 70% of family income has been provided by women’s labour. Korean brides began to get education and make a career.  

Nowadays, both brides and married women in Korea are employed in all areas of production and services. There are special institutions for them in Korea including sanatoriums, health resorts and maternity hospitals. 

You can say that modern women of North Korea are “fighters of the family front” hardened in trials of life. Living in a country without traffic lights and bank machines, not knowing of botox and silicone, they look just gorgeous combining feminine soft-heartedness with firmness and independence. 

Family values in Korea 

Most marriages in this country are concluded through intermediaries. Sometimes friends or bosses play the role of matchmakers, but most often, the bride’s parents look for a groom for their daughter. The wedding is usually preceded by the engagement ceremony. 

The family is of prime value in culture of Korea. This is a strong institution that helps cope with rapid changes. The main role in the family is played by a woman. She not only gives birth to children and takes care of household chores but also takes responsibility for replenishing the family budget on an equal basis with her husband. 

A divorce is not perceived as a disaster by people in Korea, but still, it’s regarded as a disgrace for family. At least, the younger generation is taught to avoid such mistakes. In those cases, parents are guided by the following wisdom: “The pumpkin stalks are like a daughter - they go wherever they’re directed”.

The care for the “silver generation” 

Caring for older people in Korea is mainly entrusted to relatives. As a rule, children look after their old parents by themselves without shifting this responsibility to the state. 

The task to care for silver generation - rapidly graying old people - falls on the shoulders of women. And they bear this burden quite meekly. Every bride in Korea knows that she will also become a mother-in-law. That’s why she takes care of her husband’s mother in her declining years.  

Children are future adults 

Children in Korea are loved but not pampered. On the contrary, parents encourage their kids for adult patterns of behaviour. Therefore, at the age of 17, Korean children are not infantile dependents but adult people who are able to answer for themselves and be a support for others.   

The main method of upbringing is a personal example. Instead of talking to their kids, parents show them how they should behave. The key commandments of Korean parents are as follows:

  • honor your elders;

  • think ahead;

  • don’t be arrogant because of your intelligence, fame or wealth; 

  • appreciate faithfulness and trust in people; 

  • work on your mistakes. 

So, a child in Korea knows from early infant age what discipline, labour and respect for others mean.

Distinctive features of a Korean wife

The Korean bride knows that she should be soft-hearted and meek. She should listen more than talk. A wife is an epitome of cold-blooded calmness and modesty. At the same time, Korean brides can adapt to life circumstances and crises. Their tolerance threshold is extremely high and, besides, they have very flexible thinking. 

Korean wives are able to reach the heights that men never dreamt of. However, they shouldn’t show it. If a Korean bride demonstrates her true nature, she will be called shameless or just ridiculed.

The mother of the Korean family should be: 

  • silent but eloquent; 

  • shy but honest; 

  • tender but strong; 

  • frivolous but serious; 

  • emotional but clear-headed; 

  • sentimental and tearful but firm;

  • cautious but courageous;

  • meek but independent.


Now you see that being an ideal Korean wife is a real art. 

What is good about a Korean bride?

In Korea, women belong neither to the strong, nor to the weak sex. It’s rather a decorative one. These charming brides can embellish the life of every man. They endure all the hardships of fate without any complaints and lamenting. In difficult times, Korean brides are ready to take off their last shirts to save their loved ones. This makes Korean women just ideal for marriage.

A good school of life

The firm character of Korean brides is not developed by uncompromising upbringing only. The compulsory military service plays also a huge role in the forming of a North Korean woman. Girls of 17-20 years old are subject to the draft. 

Korean ladies are less burdened with military training and marching drills in the army. Instead, they have to carry household duties, that is, to clean barracks and cook food. The military training makes North Korean brides strong, independent, mobile and self-reliant.  

Chastity and sex appeal

Equality with men doesn’t deprive North Korean brides of the sexual emancipation. In a relationship with opposite sex and during datings, they don’t lack female charm, friendliness and natural lightness. At the same time, these brides remain chaste before the wedding, and that distinguishes them from the heller European girls.  

However, some Korean brides may have a sexual experience before marriage. Such a lady prefers to have one partner with whom she feels extremely liberated and ready for any kinds of experiments.  


Getting an education is extremely important for many Korean brides. Ladies learn foreign languages (English is a mandatory subject in the higher forms of North Korea) and exact sciences with a special zeal showing rare diligence. In future, it may help many Korean brides occupy a worthy niche in society and, for some of them, marry a foreign man. 

Kindness and sensitivity 

Korean brides are famous for their sympathetic soul. They treat their elders with respect and are ready to take care of the older relatives better than any nurses. As for the selflessness of a Korean wife who’s ready to work like an ox and eat like a mouse - you can only wonder about it. 

Why do Korean hot girls dream of marrying foreign men?

To answer this question, it’s necessary to understand what it is like to be a woman in the country with patriarchal foundations that are especially strong in North Korea. If you compare the contribution to the Korean family of a man and that of a woman, you can name the first one a flickering candle, and the second one will seem an unquenchable torch to you. 

Many North Korean brides have to work arduously for 10 or even 12 hours a day to support the members of their families. At the same time, the number of working places with high wages for women is significantly lower than that for men.

There are also cases of violence in a Korean family. If a woman is beaten by a man, she is not regarded as a victim. Traditionally, it’s believed that a woman should put up with the husband who beats her and hate those who would stop him. Korean folk wisdom says the following: “Brooms and women should be beaten at least once every few days to return to their initial state”. 

Sexual violence is common for Korean society. Women suffer from sexual harassment in a family and at a workplace alike. For centuries, life has taught these women that the highest wisdom is in silent obedience. It will take more than a dozen years to break this stereotype.  

The life of a Korean bride - either in the northern or in the southern part - is not a bowl of cherries. It’s not easy to remain a woman in such conditions. That’s why many Korean brides look for their happiness on international dating sites. Each of them dreams of dating an overseas prince who will show her a world in more positive colors.  

How to win over a Korean mail order bride?

A Korean bride looks for a man who will not only love her but also treat her with respect. For this purpose, she visits a dating agency. This lady strives for dating an intelligent, educated and delicate man. He must have a permanent job - it’s a prerequisite for a strong relationship with a Korean bride who is eager to support her family with good nutrition.

If you have all these important qualities, specify it in your profile on a dating site. In this case, you’ll have more chances to attract the attention of single Korean women. The appearance of the partner plays rather a secondary role. For Korean brides who look for the other half on dating platforms, it’s much more important that a man has a true personality, is self-confident, smart and hard-working. 

In relationships where two partners come from different cultures, conflicts may appear even on the stage of dating. That’s why a Korean bride expects confident actions from her man in difficult situations. Of course, when dating Korean women, men should avoid emotional outbursts, otherwise, such a lady may have doubts about the correctness of her choice. 

When joining the membership community of a dating site, these women don’t respond to every flirt attempt. Besides, a man should remember the preferences of Korean brides who appreciate romance and mutual understanding in a relationship. 

A Korean bride is ready to work hard to adapt to the new environment, learn a new language for a full-fledged communication with her husband and do household chores. That’s why you should make small presents for her from time to time compensating her adaptation efforts.

Korean mail order wives are what you need for happiness

Hard-work and endurance along with the beauty and sexual appeal - all this makes Korean ladies ideal brides. These are real women with the traditional perception of family life. They are caring, responsible, absolutely not scandalous and not too demanding. If you find a Korean wife, you may count on paradise on earth. 


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