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Korean Brides

Of course, all girls are individual. Nevertheless, the cultural-historical process from decade to decade, from century to century, changes the way of life in society beyond recognition, makes the inhabitants of one country so different from others. There are a lot of beautiful girls at Japanese automobile exhibitions, but the majority of them are Korean women. Probably, Korean women are generally the most beautiful of Asians, which can almost always be distinguished by the specific shape of the lips. So, every fifth foreigner dreams to date Korean women.

Speaking of character, without going into deep details, it can be noted that Korean women love drama. In Korea, as in Brazil, it is very popular, what is often called “soap operas” (in Korea, these series are called “Dorama”), which imposes a certain imprint on Korean girls. Everyone wants to feel like a heroine, even if not even a movie, then at least a personal story. Therefore, tears in public, lonely girls sitting on the benches, or even screams and fights on the streets with the second half - all that can be seen in Korea. But despite the fact that they both love drama, Korean girls are very different from Brazilian ones, for example, in terms of initiative. In Brazil, the situation when a girl first makes acquaintance with a guy on the street is the most usual thing, in Korea it is rather a very rare exception than the rule. In general, in Korea, they rarely flaunt their attitude, it doesn’t matter whether a person treats you well or not, he will behave approximately equally (at least try to do it).

It is also impossible not to mention such a trait of character as infantilism (as a whole, inherent in both women and men). In Korea, many not only look like teenagers, but also retain the features of teenagers for a very long time, which translates into love for soft toys, children's things, games, and so on. Cafe or restaurant, very often decorated with pokemon and anime heroes - a common thing.

Korean Women: the main characteristics

Each nationality has its own specific features that are unusual for representatives of other nations and cultures. Koreans are considered one of the most prominent representatives of such nationalities. Many of their traditions and customs are fundamentally different from our established standards relating to various fields. Such a state of affairs could not but reflect on the character of Korean brides The first thing that distinguishes the Korean bride is her relationship to man. The inhabitants of the country, a little differently from others, see the role of masculine and feminine. Here matriarchy prevails, and it is the woman who is considered the head of the family. The main character traits include:

  1. Korean ladies prefer sporty style. By nature, as a rule, they have short stature and strong (though not always even) legs. They wear closed T-shirts, sundresses, shorts and skirts. Often you can see Korean girls in heels, so they are at least visually trying to get taller. Their average height is only 150 cm. In the state, tanned skin is a sign of a low working class. Korean girls try to lighten the skin, they use many whitening masks and creams;

  2. Polite and meek. Korean brides are generally very polite. But centuries of patriarchy have done their job, and, therefore, Korean girls are the embodiment of politeness, bordering on resignation. Will the Korean woman raise her voice to you, can she make a scandal in a public place, behave aggressively in response to aggression? It is excluded. Even well-off Korean women look modest. Will they walk in furs, hang themselves in gold, build up nails and ride a BMW X6? It is unlikely, especially since in South Korea, all of the above is to some extent a sign of bad taste. This is the main reason why foreigners want to find a Korean wife;

  3. Korean women are lucky: they age much more slowly than women of other nationalities. Genetics affects first of all, then nutrition (in Korea, food is much healthier, not so much salt and sugar). In 28 years, a Korean woman in another country may not be allowed into a disco because they will assume that she is under 18 years old, and at 45 years old a Korean woman will almost certainly look younger than a 30-year-old woman, for example, from Germany;

  4. The education system in Korea is very effective, so the knowledge base of Korean women is extremely wide. It is also observed that Korean brides are more interested in the fact that they are surrounded and travel more. They can quickly learn any foreign language;

  5. Capricious as children. The main reason is the number of women in Korea, they are few. So few that Korean men are forced to look for wives in the nearest less economically developed countries. With the help of a simple arithmetic calculation, you can determine how interesting the proposal should be that a Korean bride would choose a guy from another country.  In general, in order to rely on a long-term relationship with a Korean mail order bride, one must meet the high requirements of Korean society;

  6. They do not know how to cook. Forget about a delicious dinner, at least before the wedding. There are many reasons: they do not want to, there is no time, and the result is that they don’t know how. Interestingly, Korean brides do not cook before marriage: in Korea, it is still believed that a wife should learn everything in her husband's house.

Reasons for Choosing a girl from Korea as a wife

Among Western men, there is a strong opinion that to meet Korean women - is a real luck. This opinion is especially widespread among Americans, exhausted by feminism, where a woman can be not only your boss, but also easily sue you for not looking at her like that. Many men say that Korean brides (and generally Asian women) have Eastern wisdom. In fact, wisdom is not a question here, wisdom is still an age concept, but the whole thing is in the mentality. What a European takes for wisdom is a tradition that tells you not to cause inconvenience to your neighbor. In reality, this is manifested in the fact that Korean brides will not make trouble, make claims, sort out relationships and blame their husband or lover for anything. She will be silent. But this does not mean that everything is in order.

Obedience is one of the main criteria that an ideal wife must meet. This stereotype in most nations evolved over many centuries. Full female submission as a virtue is still preached in societies with a patriarchal way of life that is resistant to any external influences. The model of a loyal and obedient woman in the eyes of Europeans is a resident of Korea. Here, all important decisions are traditionally made by men, and it is they who most often have complete and unchallenged power over their women, be they wives, sisters or daughters.

Korean brides, of course, cannot be considered leaders of the ranking of the most submissive women in the world. This fact is largely promoted by the traditional system of values ​​in which they, willy-nilly, have to exist. However, as already noted, Korean brides are very wise. A set of religious tenets and prohibitions prescribes the preservation of female chastity, loyalty and humility, the non-observance of which may entail cruel punishment.

According to the Korean ideas about the female character - the keeper of the home must necessarily be attentive, caring and submissive. Despite the traditionally high status of a woman in society, her lifestyle should completely fit into the framework of ethics prescribed by Confucius, which includes three ages of submission: father, husband, and children. Today, the situation is slowly but surely beginning to change. However, the image of a soft, obedient woman, completely subordinating to the willful decisions of men, today still corresponds to the traditional oriental ideals.

Among the most submissive women of the world, the residents of Korea continue to hold the championship. It is here that Europeans and Americans, tired of the aggressive feminism of their compatriots, often go looking for wives. Unpretentious and unpaved by male care beauties from Asian countries in most cases are submissive and willing to please their man, regardless of his status and position in society.

An Insight on a Korean Wife - Love, Marriage, Family and Culture

Its unique family features and traditions exist in each country. Of course, many customs undergo changes due to the influence of the modern world, but most peoples strive to preserve the heritage of their ancestors - out of respect for their past and in order to avoid mistakes in the future. The psychology of family relationships is also different in every country. In Asian countries, ancient traditions are treated with great respect. Each Asian family is a separate and practically divorced from the outside world unit of society in which children are the main wealth, and men are always respected and revered. So, when deciding to get Korean women for marriage, be prepared that she will transfer all her family values to her own family:

  1. Korean wifes can not call her husband by name, but this does not prevent families to be united. There is a Korean proverb that says: “You can't clap your hands with one hand.”;

  2. In Korea, it is said that a family is born a second time with the birth of a child. Everybody is expecting a baby to be born. Not only future parents, but also grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts are involved in this event. Shopping, discussions, preparations often make together. Future mothers are usually protected and cherished, especially if this is their first child. No wonder the Koreans consider the year spent by the child in the womb, for a full year of human life. Therefore, the age is considered, adding to the date of birth year;

  3. Respect for elders and hard work are two basic principles on which Korean education is based. Life in a Korean family is unthinkable without observing a clear hierarchy. The younger ones obey the elders, the children to the parents, the woman to the man. No matter how emancipated modern Koreans are, in recent years they have achieved no small success in this area (suffice it to say that the newly elected President of Korea is a woman), but the man remains the head of the family;

  4. In Korea, there are many wives who find a lot of ways to build ropes from their husbands, but in public the hierarchy of man and woman will still be respected. From a very young age, children are taught to contact older family members using special respectful forms. Junior can not call the eldest by name or even less appeal to the "you". Even older brothers and sisters are called corresponding words. Appeal by name is considered extremely impolite and even offensive;

  5. Kids in Korea decided to indulge, praise and indulge them. A rare Korean mother will teach her to sleep in his own bed, letting him cry for several nights in a row. Even if nothing terrible in this. Rather, they will carry on their hands or in slings, swing. The child is trying to calm down by any means. Korean children (with the exception of very poor families) always have mountains of toys. Parents selflessly transform their living rooms and bedrooms into one big playroom. Home bought slides, swings, children's houses;

  6. According to the Confucian tradition, which was established in Korea many centuries ago and still largely determines the way of thinking of Koreans, the birth of a son is simply a necessity for every married couple. In addition, it is, oddly enough, connected with ideas about the afterlife. Only a son can perform a memorial ceremony for the spirits of deceased parents. In modern Korea, it is a tribute and memory. Few believe in spirits. But in ancient times it was the most important ritual act - the sacrifice. The sacrifice is food for the ancestral spirits. And a person who does not have a son may be doomed to eternal hunger in another world. Hence the special love of Koreans for boys;

  7. Grandmothers and grandfathers by default occupy the highest position in the hierarchy of the Korean family. When grandparents can not scream at the child and swear. In general, Korean mail order wives behave with restraint and dignity.

Mind-blowing Secrets About North Korean Mail Order Brides

In North Korea, strict moral values ​​are promoted - mandatory marriage, birth of children, upbringing in traditional foundations. In the country, adultery, illegitimate children and entering into a relationship before marriage are rare. The number of divorces is also small - in this respect, the DPRK occupies one of the leading places in the world. With the establishment of Confucianism on the Peninsula in the 15th century, relations between men and women changed. Korean girls fell into a dependent position — official morality imposed obligations of total subordination on them. After marriage, they moved to the house of her husband's parents, engaged in housekeeping and raising children. This attitude to family responsibilities has been preserved in modern Korea on both sides of the border.

However, Western traditions are gradually penetrating South Korea, which correct the position of women in society. In the northern part of the peninsula, the official ideology of the country leaves its imprint. In it, a Korean wife is given a more important position than before. In the revolutionary struggle that the whole country is involved in, Korean women should take the same part as men. At the same time it does not exempt them from household duties.

Patriotic love is considered the main type of love in North Korea. The Western model of building relationships between men and women is often condemned as immoral - at least officially. In films, books and TV shows, it is impossible to find even the echoes of what we call love themes. It can be a symbolic and very blurred background for more important goals - mostly patriotic.

A man without a family in North Korea is suspicious. Spouse and children in the understanding of the inhabitants of the country - is a strong foundation, without which a person feels insecure in life. The main emphasis is on the presence of children, who in North Korea are given a sublime place. They are usually pampered, and the needs of children are higher than adults. The desire to acquire children is directly related to marriage, extramarital relations are openly reproached by society. Koreans formalize the relationship a little later than the Russians: women marry, on average, at 25, men - at 29. A large age gap between spouses is considered indecent. Wedding traditions have been preserved very relatively - most often the ceremony is conducted according to the Soviet model, registering a marriage and arranging a small feast.

People who fail to save a marriage are considered unreliable. They are unlikely to be able to remarry or climb the career ladder. In this regard, the question of choosing a life partner is often approached based not on personal feelings, but on pragmatism. Intimate life in the country is governed by the same principle that became anecdotal in the Soviet Union: there is no sex in North Korea. At least, its presence is not advertised and is not discussed publicly. Unlike other Asian countries, where sexual culture has long been built into a cult, sexy Korean ladies were distinguished by relative chastity. Even prostitution in the country was not widespread and was viewed by the authorities as an unpleasant necessity that should not be legitimized.

In North Korea, such a modest approach is trying to maintain still. Love for money and pornography are prohibited by law, violation of restrictions is punishable by a prison term. Public expressions of love and sexuality are not encouraged either - couples can only walk by the hand. And only if they are married - the young people must keep at a respectful distance, not to mention hugs or public kisses.

Are single Korean ladies motivated to find a husband abroad? Why?

Basically, looking for love abroad, Korean brides are pushing by disorder in their personal lives. In each of them, there is still strong faith in a strong shoulder, love and family happiness. With age, with less choice, the demands to the chosen one are also increasing. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to find a worthy candidate. (Oddly enough, men have the same problem with the search.)

An important reason for finding a partner abroad is poor housing conditions and insecurity in everyday life. It would be desirable, finally, to have your home with all the amenities. Single korean women with excellent housing conditions usually do not go unnoticed at home. And, even getting acquainted with foreign single, they never marry the first comer. The quickest are those who want to escape from problems.

How to impress her?

If you want the Korean hot girl feel special and turn her head immediately, then you should let her feel that you see in her not just the “next goal”. Let her know that you think she is unusual, talking about her unique features. Tell her that she has amazing freckles, a good sense of humor, a fantastic laugh, or the most incredible sense of style you've ever seen.

  • Do not rush to tell her that she is beautiful or gorgeous. Although this is a good compliment, but if you hurry with him, she may feel as if you are too insistent or insincere;

  • Your first or second conversation, try to lead to a subtle compliment to let her know that you really saw her as a person, and not just like any other girl;

  • You can also praise various aspects of her personality. Do not be limited to superficial things.

Most people like to talk about themselves when they are given a chance. If you want a Korean girl to feel special and really care about you, ask her some questions about her life and her thoughts. Do not give her an interrogation with passion and do not make her feel as if she was interviewed. Just ask some personal, but not intrusive questions, it will really show her that you are interested.


Getting acquainted with a Korean mail order bride for a serious relationship is not just writing a welcome message to your chosen companion and waiting for the answer to come. It is important to interest the selected candidate and provoke her to further communication. There are some unspoken communication rules that contribute to a successful outcome concerning hot Koreans:

  • Never forget the etiquette of communication;

  • Do not focus on racial, national, and cultural differences, but seek common interests and topics of conversation;

  • Do not use template phrases and operate with such speech turnovers that exclude a monosyllabic answer, which contributes to the development of the conversation;

  • Do not forget about the compliments that will play in your favor during communication with Korean women  while dating.

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